(Video) Stammering Voice Orchestra – Debut Performance

Since speaking at the BSA (British Stammering Association) Annual Conference earlier this year I had made some strong connections with some of the stammering community. I came out of the conference feeling inspired and with more drive to support this community.

Meanwhile I was lucky enough to get selected to have a whole day with a top team from PRUK (Pernod Ricard) to talk about School Of Beatbox’s vision (and how to get there). The events expert ‘Danni Veal’ planted the seed of linking the stammering community with the UK Beatbox Championships.. why didn’t I think of that? Genius, thank you Danni.

After relentless call-outs on social media for people to attend the 1st of 2 rehearsals, I was prepared but did wonder if anyone would actually show up. The first verse and the chorus of the song ‘Free’ were written 2 days before by myself and amazing co-writer ‘Aoife Geary’.

If you’re interested to know about my stammer as a youth and how it affected me, I’ve written a blog about it here My Stammer.

Who Turned Up On Day 1?

5 people turned up to be a part of this! 5 warriors. I call them ‘The Warriors Of Light’! They had zero commitment to be there and put themselves on the line, but showed up and I’m forever grateful. You Rock! There are others that showed interest but for some reason or another, could not be involved in this first run.

1st Rehearsal. From top left to bottom right: ‘Pete Scott’, ‘Jonty Claypole’, ‘Ayo D Adesunya’, ‘Chris Jackson’, ‘Aoife Geary’, ‘Myself’, ‘Angie Elder’. Photo taken at ‘The Star by Hackney Downs’.


Here’s the footage from the performance on 27th October 2018 at Battersea Arts Centre, London.


Our next steps are to get this song recorded and build the orchestra with new members of the stammering community. If you’d like to get involved please get in touch.

Danny Ladwa has been beatboxing for 25 years and teaching beatboxing for over 15 years. School Of Beatbox brings the teachings of this art-form to you by an online course, workshops and more. If you are interested in learning to beatbox or would like us to run a workshop please check out what we offer here. We put a minimum of 10% back into projects like this!

Thanks for reading!

Check out this awesome podcast where Danny Ladwa talks more about ‘The Stammering Voice Orchestra’ with Beth Roars on her show ‘Good Job’. LISTEN TO PODCAST NOW!

Additional Links:

2 members of the Stammering Voice Orchestra ‘Ayo D Adesunya’ & ‘Chris Jackson’ have a set up a charity Stop Holding Back to support the stammering community.

Thank You to ‘Electric Star Pubs’ for donating their amazing space at ‘The Star By Hackney Downs’ for this project. Much gratitude! If you need to hire a space, definitely check them out.

Danni Veal is a Prestige Account Executive at PRUK. Follow her on Instagram here

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