Your Sound 

The beatboxer is you and I. He / She is the university student, the construction worker and the astrophysicist. We have lived different lives, we come from different cultures, have different backgrounds and have varied musical tastes. Because of this exotic mix of flavours, we each have a different rhythm pulsating inside us. Some of us are energised by the same groove and so use this as a way to connect with one another and of course with ourselves. Some of us are constantly digging through archives of sounds, that most people are yet to discover, and regularly introduce others to these new rhythms. We are intrinsically connected through this love of music and through this art of human beatboxing. 

The Search For Your Sound 

Today new music genres are born so frequently that it can be hard to keep up. You can see this develop in beatboxers routines every day. My question to you is, do we try and simply keep up with what is being discovered out there (reacting to what is being produced) or do we go on the journey to discover our own sound? My answer would be ‘do both’. Keep exploring for new sounds (dig dig dig) and definitely find ways to tap into your true sound deep within you. Tell your story. Be authentic. Express who you are and what you have to share. Be you. 

In this age of being bombarded by information from all angles I feel there is a real yearning for ‘authenticity’. When someone expresses them self in a sincere and true way, it’s refreshing. This goes for everyone, including us beatboxers and beatbox fans. Music is an expression so when the music that is received feels authentic and true to the person delivering it, it’s refreshing. Making people feel refreshed is definitely a good thing and we should work together to do more of it.


I improvise in the context of music through vocals and beatboxing regularly and if you are not used to improvising, I urge you to practice it. Improvising requires a huge element of letting-go. Allowing ‘something’ to happen without letting your rational mind get in the way. This ‘letting-go’ state of mind that comes with improvisation, from my experience, gives us access to deeper levels of ourselves. And I believe that at these deeper levels is where our true sound lies.

The real importance, in my opinion, lies in discovering our own sound. Food for thought.

What’s your opinion? Do you spend time searching for new music? Are you already on a journey to find your unique beatbox sound? Would you like to improvise in your music and beatboxing more? Leave your comments.

Thanks for reading!


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