After recently spending the day working with a group of children (aged 10-14 years old) on beatboxing, rhythm and singing we had 1 hour remaining in the session. Some children in the group were clearly resonating with the session more than others. I decided, therefore, to give each child the option to stay in the session or move next door to the computer room for the final hour.

This was a good move as I was left with a core group of children who were in the zone and really wanted to create something. I had already made note of who was great at coming up with a good melody, who could lay down the harmonies and who could lay down the beatbox.

We got straight to work. The boy you will see leaning against the back wall beatboxed the beat, the girl in the red top came up with and sang the main melody you hear in the backing track and the boy you see singing sang the harmonies in the backing track. The other two girls wrote some additional melody parts and everyone worked on the lyrics together.

The Learning Never Stops

15 years of teaching experience has taught me that the learning never stops. The challenges keep on coming and the moments where you really need to think on your feet will keep arising. Over time, these types of challenges in the classroom or workshop environment have become a real drive for me. Seeing my chosen methods used to navigate through the day work successfully is hugely satisfying. If it didn’t work out the way I would have liked it only leads me to evaluating the session and thinking up new methods or exercises for next time.

In this session I felt I wanted to leave those that wanted to learn and create, the opportunity to do so. I also wanted to give those that were less engaged the opportunity to see what had been created after they decided to leave the session. In this way I feel I fulfilled the mission of every workshop day which is to plant as many positive seeds in these young peoples lives as possible.

Do you work with children? Are you a teacher or workshop facilitator? What challenges have you faced and how have you dealt with them? Leave your comments below 🙂

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