Grace Savage & Bellatrix

At the 2018 UK Beatbox Championships after I had presented the Stammering Voice Orchestra (catch up on that here) I managed to catch Grace Savage & Bellatrix’s showcase and talk. They performed a series of short routines that quite literally blew everyone away. Incredible synchronisation, originality, PHAT bass lines and it was clear to see that the stage was ‘home’ to both of them. They also talked about their individual journeys as beatboxers. They put focus on how being female beatboxers within a scene dominated by male beatboxers has affected them along with personal encounters including many offensive online comments to videos.

More than a performance

Their showcase was not only a demonstration of the skills a beatboxer can deliver but it was a live art installation. More than that, in fact, it was a campaign with a powerful message portrayed through a beautiful art form. 

video placeholder

Are you a female beatboxer? Have you ever experienced similar negative reactions? What are your thoughts?

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