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Bringing the best beatboxing lessons to the world is one awesome thing but making a stand and doing something for great causes takes the awesomeness to another level. School Of Beatbox is a social enterprise which means we are committed to our social focus. Our social focus ranges from working with people from disadvantaged communities to working with people with learning or physical disabilities. Our current outreach project is working with people who stammer (or stutter).

Stammering is a condition that causes a person to involuntarily repeat certain parts of words when they speak. 1% of the population experience stammering. Many people are unaware of how best to support a person that stutters, for example, finishing off a sentence for them is usually not appreciated.

There is a lot of awareness that needs to be raised about stammering which is why School Of Beatbox has formed an all-vocal group called 'The 'Stammering' Voice Orchestra'in September 2018. Amazingly a person who stammers, has no problem singing, rapping or beatboxing. The mission of 'The 'Stammering' Voice Orchestra' is to raise awareness about stammering and reach out to the millions of people across the world that struggle with the condition to encourage them to be confident to express themselves and to not be afraid of situations where they are likely to speak.

Check out videos from the performances so far, below.


School Of Beatbox recently got together a Stammering Voice Orchestra to perform and raise awareness about stammering (or stuttering). Danny Ladwa (School Of Beatbox founder) had a stammer as a teenager and wants to say something about it via creative means.

The group have recently performed their second show at 'London A Cappella Festival 2019' (check out the video below).

The first performance took place at the 2018 UK Beatbox Championships at Battersea Arts Centre in October 2018. The day was full of talks and workshops around the subject of beatboxing including Reeps One & Beardyman in conversation, Bellatrix & Grace Savage, Mad Twinz as well as various workshops and talks. (Check out the blog including video footage here)

Stay Tuned For Further Performance Dates.

If you have a stammer (or know someone that does) and would like to get involved, please email mail@schoolofbeatbox.com.

Here's footage from the performance at London A Cappella Festival 2019:
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Here's footage from the first performance at the 2018 UK Beatbox Championships:
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