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BEATBOX Essentials
Over 15 Lessons (One Off Payment)
All the essential techniques to get you started on your beatboxing journey
Perfect for beginners wanting to learn the fundamentals of beatboxing
Over 15 Lessons (Essential sounds and techniques including Breathing, Bass, Fills and Rhythms)
School Of Beatbox Handbook
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1 payment of £29 + £5.99 p/m
Everything in 'BEATBOX Xtra' PLUS Monthly Beatbox Webinars
Perfect for beginners and beatboxers with some experience that want to learn a whole lot more at their own pace and tune into engaging monthly beatbox webinars
Over 30 Lessons (Everything in 'BEATBOX Xtra' PLUS Monthly Beatbox Webinars)
Monthly Beatbox Webinars
School Of Beatbox Handbook
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1 payment of £59 + £10.99 p/m
Everything in 'BEATBOX Xtra+' PLUS More Sound Effects and Exclusive Content for 'BEATBOX Xtreme' members only
Perfect for all beatbox levels and for those wanting access to all lessons, webinars + exclusive content
Over 40 Lessons (Everything in 'BEATBOX Xtra+' PLUS More Sounds and Exclusive Content)
Monthly Beatbox Webinars
Exclusive Content (only for 'BEATBOX Xtreme' members
School Of Beatbox Handbook
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BEATBOX Essentials - Contents:

This is the first section of the course teaching you all the essentials sounds and techniques to get you started on your beatboxing journey. Lessons include 'The Bass Drum', 'Hi-Hats' (and how to make them sound like a real drummer), a variety of snare sounds including 'The K Snare' 'The PF Snare', 'The 808 Snare' and 'The Rimshot Snare' and the 'Inward K Snare'. You will also learn Drum Fills, Bass Sounds, Breathing Techniques and how to put everything together into awesome sounding rhythms.

BEATBOX Xtra - Contents:

'BEATBOX Xtra' (our most popular gift purchase) contains everything in the Essentials course plus loads of sound effects including 'Throat Bass', 'The Buzz', 'The Pop', 'The Vocal Scratch' and the 'Dance Bass'. You will learn how to put each sound effect into rhythms PLUS more advanced (and more interesting) rhythms.

BEATBOX Xtra+ - Contents:

'BEATBOX Xtra+' contains everything in 'Beatbox Xtra' plus Monthly Beatbox Webinars where we look at skills and techniques in more detail.

BEATBOX Xtreme - Contents:

BEATBOX Xtreme is the complete beatbox course containing all the lessons in both 'BEATBOX Essentials' and 'BEATBOX Xtra' plus even more sounds including Liprolls (taught by a master of the technique - 'NAPOM'), standalone show-stoppers like 'The Build Up', 'Flying Objects''A Motorbike Engine', 'The Violin''The Electric Guitar' and how to make your voice sound like a machine. In this Xtreme package you will also be invited to Monthly Beatbox Webinars where we look at sounds and techniques more closely.

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  • Everything you need to master the art of beatboxing
  • Taught by Professional, Championship-Level Beatboxers
  • Over 25 years of beatbox experience packed into 4 affordable courses
  • Courses deliver in-depth knowledge of each sound with rhythms to practice
  • Access your lessons any time you like and learn at your own pace
  • Buy as a gift and receive a gift certificate
  • View your lessons on your desktop, laptop, tablet, iPad or phone
  • Videos backed up on Amazon Web Service for optimal viewing
  • Perfect gift for teenagers and adults

Danny's an absolute legend. Completely took my beatboxing to another level in just one lesson. His course is extremely comprehensive as well, and it seems like he's always updating it. If you're even just slightly interested in improving your beatboxing, even if just for fun, I'd highly recommend working with School of Beatbox in whatever way makes sense for you. Cheers Danny!

Cameron Hill
Cameron Hill

The school of beatbox online course has helped me massively. The online videos really help develop new sounds and rhythms. This really ticked boxes for me as it supplied a step by step breakdown of how the noises are made. Danny is so clear through all of this that I feel I am really able to follow him and skip back through the video if needs be. Even if you already have some of the basics down you can still pick up new ideas just by watching Danny, it almost instantly changed the way I beatbox.

Jamie Lynch
Jamie Lynch

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