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Learning how to beatbox has become increasingly popular over the last decade with more and more beatboxers being self-taught and many of them learning online. We wanted to take online teaching to the next level and offer something that will not only teach any beginner beatboxer how to do it step-by-step but also host monthly webinars and offer private 1-2-1 lessons. Understanding how to beatbox is one thing, teaching people how to beatbox is something very different.

Founder of School Of Beatbox, Danny Ladwa has been teaching people to beatbox for over 15 years and practicing beatboxing for over 25 years. If you want to learn how to beatbox or are looking for a unique gift for a teenager or anyone else, you've gotta check out the complete online beatboxing course by School Of Beatbox.

Whether it's beatboxing for beginners or beatboxing for those with some experience, have a look to see what we can offer you.

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* The 3 Fundamental Beatbox Sounds

* Beat Patterns Using the 3 Fundamental Sounds

* Breathing Techniques

* Breathing Using the Inward Snare

* How To Use Fills

* Introducing Bass Into your Beatboxing

* Throat Bass

* The Vocal Scratch

* The Rim-Shot Sound

* The Inward Snare Sound

* The Classic 808 Snare Sound

* Introduction To Singing & Beatboxing

* Beatbox Flow (exercise 1)

* Beatbox Flow (exercise 2)

* Beatbox Success, The Journey Onwards

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