The Complete Online Beatboxing Course – FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

We recommend the course for anyone aged between 13 and 113 years. Children under 13 have used and enjoyed the product but it is most suited for ages above 13yrs. The complete online beatboxing course is perfect for complete beginners, people who have some beatbox experience and even more advanced beatboxers.
Danny Ladwa is a UK Championship Beatboxer and has been beatboxing since the age of 11. Currently he has 25 years of beatboxing experience under his belt including 15 years of teaching the art. He is also a songwriter, singer and music mentor with 5 years international touring experience (USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, India, Japan, Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil…). Danny released his debut solo album ‘Unfolding’ on May 25th 2015.
You will learn all the fundamental sounds in beatboxing plus sound effects, fills, flow and an introduction to singing and beatboxing at the same time. All 3 online beatbox packages include over 15 video lessons teaching all of this. Once you are logged in, you will be able to download the ‘School Of Beatbox Handbook’ and ‘Welcome Pack’. The Intermediate and Advanced beatbox packages include additional beatbox lessons, monthly webinars, private 1-2-1 sessions and personalised beatbox plans. The advanced package includes you being featured through our digital channels and special gift packs posted out to you containing School Of Beatbox merchandise. On occasion you will be offered an additional lesson in exchange for social shares (on social media).
These are the ‘Bass’ or ‘Kick’ drum sound, the ‘Hi-Hat’, and the ‘Snare’. The reason these are the fundamental sounds is because you can make almost any type of rhythm using only these 3 sounds. Other sounds like sound effects, fills, singing etc are additional layers that you add. There are various snare sounds that you will learn on the beatbox course including ‘The Rim-Shot’, ‘The Inward Snare’, ‘The PF Snare’ and ‘The Classic 808 Snare’.
Fills are simple sounds that we make that act like bridges between other, usually more complicated, beatbox sounds. Using fills is an amazing way to make your beatboxing sound a lot more professional and intricate. In this beatbox course we use a fill consisting of the sounds ’t’ and ‘k’.
Flow is the element of your beatboxing practice that makes it your own. In other words, developing your flow is developing your own unique style. In the online beatbox course you will practice special exercises that have been designed to help you develop your own personal style (or ‘Flow’). For example, the video lesson will instruct you to keep certain elements of a rhythm the same (the ‘Bass’ and ‘Snare’, for example) and to use your own creative flair or experimentation to complete the rhythm (by adding ‘Hi-Hats’, ‘Fills’ and other sounds).
If you have purchased the Intermediate or Advanced package, you will be invited via email to watch a webinar each month. The webinars will go into more detail over important beatbox techniques to help you master the art of beatboxing. Some webinars will feature special guest beatboxers teaching their favourite tricks and techniques.
If you have purchased the Intermediate or Advanced beatbox package you will also receive private beatbox lessons online. You will be contacted via email to arrange a suitable date and time for your lessons and these are in most cases conducted over Skype. Combined with all private beatbox lessons is a personalised beatbox plan based
If you have purchased the Intermediate or Advanced beatbox package you will also receive personalised beatbox plans. After your private beatbox lesson, your beatbox teacher will prepare a personalised plan that is specifically designed for you and will give you some additional steps and tasks to help you develop your beatboxing. Each plan is based on your current beatbox level and goals.
On occasion you will be offered an additional lesson (or other useful tools) in exchange for social shares (on your social media channels). In order to receive the additional lesson/s you will be asked to share a specific post from a School Of Beatbox page (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus etc). The additional lesson/s will then be emailed to you.
Absolutely. If you have been looking for creative gift ideas, look no further as this beatbox course is sure to make someone very happy indeed. Instructions for buying as a gift: When you make your purchase, fill out the first and last name of the person receiving the gift and use your own email address. We will then email you a printable gift certificate with the giftee’s name on it perfect for you to present in a card or how you like. Please note that upon registration, the user can change all personal info apart from the username so please choose a username that they will like. This would make an amazingly unique and creative gift for a teenager or adult and you’d be sure to score some points with them 😉
Yes. The course is backed up on Amazons server (so extremely stable). As long as you have a half-decent internet connection you should have no trouble accessing the course.
Yes, you just need to have internet access and you can access the course on any smart phone or tablet.
Yes you can cancel your membership at any time. No problem.
Absolutely. You can use the form on the contact page, email mail@schoolofbeatbox.com or call 0203 888 0207 within our working hours.
The online courses are purchasable and accessible 24/7. If you would like to contact us by phone, our usual working hours are 9am-5:30pm Mon-Fri & 10am-3pm Sat.
School Of Beatbox is a Social Enterprise and puts 10% of its income into fantastic outreach projects that touch the lives of many. This means that when you purchase an online beatbox package, workshop, unique team building day etc you are also supporting some great work that we do. Currently we are working with the British Stammering Association and directly with people that stammer (or stutter). You can find out more information about our outreach projects here