I’ve said it before and I will say it again.. “a good team is not solely about the team as a whole working well together, but more importantly, it’s about the individual components that make up that team”. That’s right. It’s about the individual members of the team playing their role well to affect the teams performance overall. When a team player ‘drops the ball’, metaphorically speaking, it’s often more detrimental to the teams overall performance than one would think. Often a lot of momentum has built up with the ‘ball’ being handled and passed on correctly until ,unfortunately, someone drops it. This brings the teams work to a standstill and in some cases requires the process to start all over again.

Company’s and organisation’s like yours invest in their teams by booking team building activities or staff away days. Here’s my checklist for you to ensure that you maximise the benefits to your team when booking your next team building day.


  • Allow Your Team To Completely Detach From The Office

Your team building day has got to be fun and your team have got to feel like they are not at work. This is your company’s opportunity to shake up the energy within your workforce, rebuild connections, lift the spirit within your team and lighten the mood. If you invest in a team building day and you can see that your team are not ‘enjoying’ themselves, you are missing something. Remember that members of your team have probably been excited and looking forward to the day. Make sure that you allow them to completely detach from the office and engage in something fresh.


  • Put Everyone On A Level Playing Field

This is of paramount importance. No matter how small or large your team is, it is important to engage in an activity that puts everyone on a level playing field. A team building day is a chance for ‘All’ members of your team to work side by side with each other. That’s everyone from the administration department to the boss. There is little point in engaging in team building activities where hierarchical positions are still visible. School Of Beatbox offer beatbox team building days that definitely tick this box. This takes boots and cats to a whole new level! Putting everyone on a level playing field will build respect, trust and will refresh the human connections within your team.


  • Learn A New Skill

Organise your staff away day around learning a new skill. Although each member of your team will have their own individual experience, learning a new skill on the day will give your team a common goal and something they can discuss later. So your activity choice here will be more beneficial to your team if it is something that few or none have tried before. This lends itself to the first point ‘Put Everyone On A Level Playing Field’. How about a day of music making using only the mouth? A beatbox team building day with School Of Beatbox does just that. Company’s and organisations are increasingly interested in a more unique team building activity and something that will bring new energy in to the team.


  • Walk Away On A High

The energy of your team at the end of the team building day should be sky high. You want to see smiles, laughter, excitement and a heightened sense of team moral. You want each member of the team to walk away on a high. If they can’t wait to tell their friends and loved ones about the amazing day they have had – this reflects extremely well on your organisation and you may have ,in affect, instilled a higher level of support from your team members. A team building day with School Of Beatbox ends with a composition created by the group as well as the final beatbox showdown to see who will wear the crown – certain to leave your team walking away on a high.

If you can clearly tick all these boxes when organising your next team building day you can be sure that you will have invested well in your team.

Have you booked a team building day before? How did it benefit your team?

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    3 replies to "Consider These When Booking Your Next Team Building Day"

    • Monique-Michelle Eastmond

      Hi I work for the borough of Lewisham, supporting children with social and emotional needs. I have a young man I work with in the Lewisham borough who has shown promise with beatboxing. He’s 11years old and needs a confidence boost.
      He does not feel he has a skill (although secretly I think he knows he does) I need him to engage with something

      Is there something you could do 1:1, small group or potentially a class.

      What are your costs?

      Do you run any regular workshops anywhere?
      Thank you

      Monique Eastmond

      • Monique

        Sorry this is a message to you, not a comment! Oops

      • schoolofbeatbox

        Hi Monique,

        Thank You for getting in touch.

        We tried responding via email but unfortunately the email bounced back. We have, therefore, passed a message on to your school with details.

        If this has not reached you, please get in touch via phone to discuss.

        Many Thanks,


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