British Stammering Association Conference

School Of Beatbox worked with the British Stammering Association at their annual conference at the end of August this year (2018) in Cardiff, Wales. Seeing what benefits beatboxing might be able to provide to people with speech disorders is particularly close to our heart. Danny Ladwa (founder of School Of Beatbox) had a stammer as a child and remembers the challenges he faced. We are so excited to have been invited to take part this year where Danny led a talk, a beatbox demonstration and conducted a group beatbox orchestra. He also ran a childrens workshop with the young stammerers.  Stay tuned for further updates as this project has more in the pipeline. Follow the story on social media by using hashtag #BB4BetterSpeech.

Check out the video of how things went down!

Have you or anyone you know ever experienced a stammer? Get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

School Of Beatbox

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