Beatboxing – What Is The Best Way To Learn?

Most things we set out to learn have some kind of technique that we need to understand and master before we can really develop the skill. The technique is usually the fundamental component to learning something effectively. If you want to learn how to beatbox, this is truer than ever. It is the technique behind every sound and specific breathing pattern that is crucial to mastering the art of beatboxing. 

So what is the best way to learn these beatboxing techniques? I have listed my top 4 methods of learning how to beatbox starting with what I’d say is the best way and working down. I’d like to also add that I think it would be beneficial to any practicing beatboxer to try a mixture of these methods and not stick to only one.  Before we look at ‘method 1’ I have to start by saying that there is one thing that I believe acts as the most important element to learning anything and that is simply ‘having the passion’. 

My 4 best methods of learning how to beatbox

Ok let’s look at Method 1: The absolute best way to learn how to beatbox is in person, a professional beatboxer explaining the techniques as clearly as possible and demonstrating every step of the process. Having a professional beatboxer right there with you who can pick up on what you’re doing right and tell you how you can improve based on what they’re seeing and hearing is an amazing way for you to learn correctly and fast. Someone that can respond and guide you there and then, in the moment is extremely beneficial. So if you’re just starting out, try reaching out to some local beatboxers and see if there are any events happening where you can hang out and jam or maybe they’ll give you private lessons. There might be workshops happening in your area. Check out School Of Beatbox’s private online beatboxing lessons.

Alright, moving on to Method 2: Online Beatboxing Lessons. There are lots of tutorials available online, you can pick up many cool sounds that way. Or you can get School Of Beatbox’s online beatboxing course which teaches you everything you need to know in a series of online video lessons. I’ve been beatboxing for 25 years, including international touring and also teaching beatboxing for the last 15 years. In the course I will teach you the most important sounds, techniques and exercises including the bass drum, hi-hat, a variety of snare sounds, vocal scratching, throat bass, other sound effects like the pop and the buzz and how to use them in beats. You’ll also practice exercises that will help you fast forward and really start developing your beatbox flow. There’s more too (yeah I packed all the knowledge I have about beatboxing into this). You’ll also have the option to sign up for monthly webinars and private 1-2-1 sessions online. There’s a beginner, intermediate and advanced package option for you to choose from and it’s awesome value. Take a closer look at School Of Beatbox’s online beatboxing course and see what’s included.

Method 3: Learning from audio and no visual. Yes, someone describing and demonstrating how to beatbox via audio only. You could also just listen to various beatboxers routines via audio and not necessarily have them teaching you how to do it and this would still have you familiarising yourself with the different sounds you can make. This could be a good option when you are commuting in the the car on, a train, on a bus or even when you’re working out. Actually seeing what your teacher is doing as well as hearing it is very helpful though which is why this method is 3rd in the list. 

Lastly, method 4: Reading beatbox lessons via text and images only (no audio). Here you could still get a good understanding of how to beatbox but without the audio it will be more difficult to know exactly what sound you are trying to make. The lessons would need to be written out in great detail for this method to be truly effective. I find that when I hear a sound, whether it’s made with someone’s voice or whether it’s a sound in nature, I can usually imagine what type of technique I will need to use to make it.

Well there you have my list of the 4 best methods of learning how to beatbox. If you’re interested in learning how to beatbox, check out our online course.. people are finding it to be a very useful tool to learn this incredible art form. 

Are you practicing beatboxing? What do you think is the best way to learn? 

Thanks for reading!


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