Beatboxing Improvisation

I wrote a short section about improvisation in another blog – ‘Your Sound and wanted to dive into the subject a bit more. As far back as I can remember since I started beatboxing at the age of 11 I have always used improvisation. When I started meeting other beatboxers and connecting with the beatbox scene, I noticed that improvisation is a built-in element to almost every beatboxers practice. Now compare that with many musicians specialising in other instruments and I haven’t found an instrument where improvisation plays an almost integral part to the practice. What I mean to say is, musicians have the option to improvise no matter what they play but with beatboxing it seems to almost be an organic part of the practice. 

Why Do Most Beatboxers Improvise

I’ve thought about why it is that beatboxing seems to naturally involve more improvisation than many other instruments and I think the answer is that when we beatbox we are translating the music we have inside our heads in such an instant and organic way. We are not relying on the use of technology, we literally think it and then produce it. We are not thinking about where to place our fingers or the angle that the bow should be at.. there is a more human flow in the way that we connect with our art form. 

This is of course not to say that other musicians are not connecting with their instruments in a human way, not at all, the point I’m making is simply to highlight this beauty that is the power of the human voice. 

Beatbox Flow

A series of beatbox lessons in School Of Beatbox’s Online Beatboxing Course is called ‘Flow’. This section introduces beatboxers to exercises that I’ve developed which enhance your beatbox improvisation. Beatbox flow is everything, you could have an army of incredible beatbox sounds that you can produce with your mouth but without a decent beatbox flow to put them all together in a musical

way that is true to you is of paramount importance. Some of the beatboxing lessons in School Of Beatbox’s Online Beatboxing Course are in the beginner package and others are available in the intermediate and advanced beatbox packages only. 

Do you improvise a lot when you beatbox? Are you interested in learning how to beatbox? What are your thoughts on musical improvisation? 

Thanks for reading.


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