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School Of Beatbox teaches the art of Human Beatboxing through our online beatboxing course, private 1-2-1 beatboxing lessonsworkshops and unique team building days.

We are a Social Enterprise and have a strong commitment to giving back to the community while teaching this amazing art-form. A minimum of 10% of all our profits go towards amazing outreach projects. So not only will you be learning this incredible art-form but also supporting some great projects. Find out more about our current outreach projects here.  School Of Beatbox has been supported in it's mission by UnLtd, we strongly recommend any social entrepreneurs to check them out here (they work with social entrepreneurs based in the UK).

Danny Ladwa founded School Of Beatbox in April 2018. Danny started beatboxing at the early age of 11 years old after realising that the music he was hearing in his head were his own compositions. What started as merely a party-trick soon turned into a profession and led to Danny competing in the UK Beatbox Championship Finals, touring around the world and working with some of the music industries biggest names.

Danny has been teaching the art of beatboxing to people of all ages through workshops for 15 years and decided it was time to take his teachings of this art-form online. With 'Technique' being the most important factor when learning how to beatbox properly, video lessons are a perfect way to be able to go back over any lesson and be reminded of how to make any sound whenever you like. Once you have purchased your chosen online beatbox package you will be able to contact School Of Beatbox anytime with any questions about any of the sounds and techniques and Danny will get back to you with support to ensure you are on the right track. Love Beatbox!




Danny Ladwa

Danny Ladwa is also a singer and songwriter who performs regularly whether solo or in collaboration with other excellent artists. Danny wrote and released his debut solo album 'Unfolding' on May 25th 2015 and you might be surprised to know that there is no beatboxing on the record whatsoever. Danny says "beatboxing is always best experienced live, when you can see the artist expressing this unique art-form". The album fuses the styles of reggae, Hip Hop, Electronica and Soul.

For more info on Danny Ladwa's upcoming performances and events, please connect via the following social media channels:

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