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School Of Beatbox Offers A Complete Online Beatboxing Course. Choose From The Beginner or Intermediate Course. Both Options Are Good For Beginner Beatboxers, You Will Simply Learn More Techniques And Learn More Quickly With The Intermediate Option. We Also Give Private 1-2-1 Beatboxing Lessons.

We Deliver Beatbox Workshops In Schools, Festivals, Youth & Community Groups As Well As Unique Beatbox Team-Building Days!

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The Complete Online Beatboxing Course?

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* The 3 Fundamental Beatboxing Sounds

* Beat Patterns Using the 3 Fundamental Sounds

* Breathing Techniques

* Breathing Using the Inward Snare

* How To Use Fills

* Introducing Bass Into Your Beatboxing

* Throat Bass

* The Vocal Scratch

* The Rim-Shot Sound

* The Inward Snare Sound

* The Classic 808 Snare Sound

* Introduction To Singing & Beatboxing

* Beatbox Flow (exercise 1)

* Beatbox Flow (exercise 2)

* Beatbox Success, The Journey Onwards

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+ FREE Welcome Pack

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